Management and Team Leading

stock-photo-54805796-questions-and-doubts[1]Taking the first step up into a managerial role can be daunting. How do you make the transition from being part of the team to leading it?

While practical skills are important, developing the softer skills and confidence to manage a team is a different ball game. If new managers aren’t prepared, it can have a critical impact on results.

We know that developing those soft skills isn’t always easy. In fact, 36 percent of businesses report that management skills need improving in their workforce. That’s why we developed Management 1st, a programme specifically designed to support your junior managers in taking that first step into leadership.

This four day programme helps first-time managers get to grips with the basics of managing a team – from coaching and communication skills to effective listening – so you can be confident that your people are in good hands.

What does the programme cover?

Management 1st will show your managers how to:

  • Understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and use them to their advantage
  • Create a positive and powerful first impression
  • Use communication and listening techniques to manage their team, and build great relationships with managers and colleagues
  • Coach and motivate their team
  • Deal with conflict and give and receive feedback
  • Beat the fear of presenting, and deliver first-class presentations
  • Build their confidence and be assertive
  • Use negotiation and influencing skills to get positive results

The programme finishes with a presentation from each participant on how they will put their learning into practice and boost their personal performance at work.

Management 1st will inspire and energise your managers to take their performance to the next level – delivering tangible benefits to your bottom line.